Schools in Tallinn and Tartu

The trip to Tartu and Tallinn involved a number of visits to a variety of schools.

In the four schools Rocca al Mare School (Tallinn), Miina Härma Gymnasium (Tartu), Tartu International School and Tera Kool (Tartu), the Erasmus team was able to learn about the use of educational technologies in the classroom.

It was not just the learning spaces that were interesting, but also the insights we gained from conversations with the digital technologists at the respective schools.

The exchange showed how intertwined the didactic-pedagogical concept is with technological equipment and how both aspects influence each other.

Klassenzimmer in der Rocca al Mare
Gang im Miina Härma Gymnasium
Geräuschreduzierende Sitzecke in der Tartu International School
Klassenzimmer in der Tera Kool
Sitz- und Leseecke in der Rocca al Mare Bibliothek

The work of the digital technologists does not only concern the organisation and maintenance of digital devices. It was impressive to see how teaching and school development is being driven forward here with the knowledge of the technical possibilities. The close cooperation with the school management and the support of the teachers on site make the work of the digital technologists valuable for the networking of the participants and the continuous development of the school system.

School development concepts of the schools: