The Erasmus+ Project Digital Competences in Teacher Education (DiCoTe)

DiCoTe focuses on the transfer of good practice examples against the background of the previous experiences of all partner universities with regard to digitisation in teacher education. The exchange should not only lead to networking between the participating institutions, but also aims to improve the organisation, structure, methods and content of the first phase of teacher education. Furthermore, it also indirectly addresses students and active teachers at schools, as the project activities are oriented towards the educational processes in schools under the changed conditions of the digital world. 

The three university teams focus on comparing the different approaches and focal points of the participating institutions in order to gain insights into a curriculum for digital education for student teachers across subjects and school types. The integration of digital media and innovative teaching-learning scenarios as well as transferable formats, methods and materials for in-service training are at the centre of the considerations.

As a result, the universities will use the knowledge gained to develop and implement new formats and to adapt existing formats. In this way, the results of the project can be sustainably consolidated in terms of organisational development. It is also planned to generate them as OER materials under a Creative Commons licence in order to make exemplary templates available to other European institutions.