The effect of using digital materials for learning and teaching in Estonian basic school

The goal is to develop predictive models showing the effects of digital learning materials used on students’ agency and cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

For the usage of digital media in Estonian basic schools four main aims were identified. Firstly, to develop a framework for the use of digital learning materials (DLM) based on the review of current theoretical models and research studies as well as observations, interviews and log file data in Estonian basic schools. Secondly, the framework is used to analyse practices of using DLM and to identify how different types are used in the teaching/learning process. Thirdly, to analyse how different uses of DLM create opportunities for development of agency and cognitive and non-cognitive skills for different groups of students. The analysis will be based on a study that includes 100 teachers and 1000 students from more than 10 schools. The data from the study will be integrated with other relevant datasets. Recommendations are then formulated in close cooperation with policy makers and practitioners.

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