Game-Based Learning Design

Concepts and Impressions from Project Seminar in German Teacher Education

René Barth, DikoLa & Benjamin Eugster, [D3]


Digital games can be used in a variety of ways to increase motivation in the classroom, to convey learning content and to promote media competence. Together with the project [D-3], DikoLa repeatedly organizes project seminars at the University of Halle, in which not only theoretical basics and practical teaching tips are discussed, but the students themselves realize small learning games. In an open and design-oriented concept, they are closely supervised by the lecturers from the ideation to the completion of the prototypes. On the one hand, they thus reflect on teaching-learning processes and mediation principles in the context of Game Based Learning and Serious Games. On the other hand, the focus of media competence teaching is shifted through the students’ independent choice of technical means and extensive engagement with them: From teaching to learning, from orientation on given means to design orientation. The lecture illustrates the concept and structure of the project seminars and presents some of the students’ work.