Meeting Tartu

at the University in Tartu 12. – 15. September 2022

The Center for Educational Technology at the University of Tartu provides the project partners with expertise in the field of educational technology. Over the course of the past fifteen years, Estonia has been particularly active in the attempt to integrate digital technologies into education – from kindergarten to higher education. The activity aims at sharing the experience gained by Tartu in the particular field of educational technology with particular attention paid to its role played in teacher education and teacher professional development. More specifically, the activity will be focusing on the practical as well as theoretical relevance of teacher’s digital pedagogy, the educational policy frameworks developed in Estonia over the past 5 years to support teachers’ digital competences. Additionally, Tartu will be sharing the experience gained in developing and implementing a one-year international blended Master’s programme in Educational Technology, which is meant to support educators in developing their digital pedagogy.

The following main goals are set for the meetings:

  • visit to a number of Estonian schools to see how educational technologies has been shaping teaching as well as learning practices,
  • discussions with experts about the promise and perils of educational policy frameworks meant to support teachers’ digital competencies,
  • overview on the projects in the areas of educational technologies the Center for Educational Technology has been involved in the last 5 years,
  • discussions on digital pedagogy, practical implications and theoretical challenges.